Victory In Rio - Jolene (Behind Closed Doors)

Victory In Rio - Jolene (Behind Closed Doors)

Victory In Rio - Behind Closed Doors

An unplugged session held in a secret location for an audience of only 40 exceptional guests.


The venue was a friends living room in a villa in the northern suburbs of Athens which had to be set from scratch for the needs of the gig and the recording.

Drums, guitars, bass, lights, camera all set.

Let’s Rock!

Victory in Rio:

Kostis Pyrenis, lead vocals and guitar

Lefteris Papadakis, bass

Nikos Adamopoulos, drums

Guest appearance:

Evita Benetatou (Keys)

Iliana Koretsi (Cello)

Special thanks to:

Vassilis Diamantopoulos, Thanasis Spyropoulos-Chris Menelaos Baltas-Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos(Cadro Films), Stelios Trimis, Costas Chrysos(Sound Engineer), Mikko Chris Vlachos(8yard Studios), Gerasimos Markantonatos(Echoes), Dionysia Simatou(3E), Chrysoula Nikolopoulou, Alexandros Vrachoritis(Rockfm), Dionisis Koutsis(Photos), Nick Ramses(Posters and graphic designs), Christos Gakias(Bronco bar), Eirini Chourdaki(Buho crafts&jewels), Studio 133.

Last but by all means never least special thanx to our fans. Thank you all for the love and support..