Nikos Adamopoulos

Professional Drummer

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Nikos is a professional drummer who lives and perfoms in Greece, Europe.

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How it all started

Nikos developed a passion for drums at an early age. He started playing on his brother’s drumset at 15 years old. After many live appearances and recordings, he realized that music was his dream in life.

Nikos’ desire, is to be given the chance to play with great musicians in Greece and abroad. He constantly challenges himself in order to become a better drummer.

Musical studies and development

During this period he took lessons from Michalis Kapilidis and Nikos Sidirokastritis, graduated from the Professional Drums Program of LAB Music Education (former Modern Music School of Athens) and has attended seminars with the following:

Benny Greb, Jojo Mayer, Steve Smith, Thomas Lang, Mike Mangini, Gavin Harrison and Tony Royster jr.

Current & previous gigs

Nikos has toured, recorded or performed with various artists of the greek musical scene. His current gigs are Tonis Sfinos, Evridiki and Victory in Rio.

In the past, Nikos has toured, recorded or performed with : Apostolia Zoi, Krystalia Riga, Stefanos Korkolis, Sugar free project, Guest Who band, Trap Band, Alexandros Molfessis and many others.


Below you can find a few photos and videos mostly from current and previous gigs!


In this section, you can see the gear that is used by Nikos. Also you can see the complete drum set up, by clicking here.

Ludwig Drums Usa

Nikos is a Ludwig Drums endorsee!
These two kits are used mostly:
Ludwing Custom Classic Maple set and Ludwig Club Date set.
Check out my artist page on Ludwig's site!

Meinl Cymbals

Nikos uses Meinl Cymbals.
Meinl Byzance Vintage series and Meinl Byzance Jazz series.
Visit Meinl for more!

Vic Firth drumsticks

Nikos uses Vic Firth drumsticks.
Vic Firth Hd9 and Vic Firth Sd1 general.
Visit Vic Firth for more!

Evans drumheads and Gibraltar hardware

Nikos uses Evans drumheads and Gibraltar hardware.
Evans drumheads G2 and Emad2.
Visit Evans for more!
Visit Gibraltar for more!

You only get better by playing.

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Latest News

Stay up to date with the latest news, gig dates and gear Nikos is using. You can view all news, by clicking here!

Summer tour dates of 2016!

Summer tour dates of 2016!

Below you can see my tour dates with Tonis Sfinos, Evridiki and Victory in Rio band!


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Ludwig drums and Meinl cumbals set up!

Ludwig drums and Meinl cumbals set up!

Nikos uses Ludwing drums and Meinl cymbals. Below you can see the set up of his two main kits.

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Victory In Rio - Jolene (Behind Closed Doors)

Victory In Rio - Behind Closed Doors

An unplugged session held in a secret location for an audience of only 40 exceptional guests.

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